Applies to weekly trash customers only!

Hey there, Junk’Ems fam! Just a heads up on some friendly trash guidelines:

1. Make sure your trash is ready for its close-up by 6 am on service day. If not, we might miss it, and sadly, we won’t swing back for a trashy reunion.

2. Your trash’s preferred hangout is street side or at the end of your driveway – it’s the place to be!

3. Bag it up, folks! We’re all about keeping the community pristine, and loose trash is a bit of a party crasher. Help us out, won’t you?

4. Critters and weather sometimes play games with trash. If your waste takes a detour, it’s your superhero moment to handle it. Anything far from the trash cans stays where it is.

5. If your trash cans have a fling with another trash provider, sorry, we can’t provide any refunds. We still put in the effort, gas, and labor – show must go on!

6. Weekly trash can party is a max of 2 bins unless we’ve cooked up a special deal. Dumpster dreams?  Head over and book you one!

7. Flatten those big boxes – anything larger than 2’x2′ needs to be tamed. We’re eco-warriors in the making.

8. Bill alerts come into your inbox roughly on the 20th. Keep your address and email updated to avoid any service pause.

9. Late to pay for the trash can bash? A $5.00 late fee is the ticket. Over 14 days fashionably late? $25.00 reinstatement fee steals the show.

10. Check our main page and Facebook for the scoop on any service delays or weather drama. Holidays mean we’ll be fashionably late too.

Remember, we're here to keep it
trash-tastic and hassle-free.
Cheers to a cleaner, greener community! 🌟🗑️