About Junk'ems

Who Are We?

My name is Chad Wheat, and I am the owner/operator of Junk’Ems LLC.  At Junk’Ems we specialize in Dumpster Rentals and Trash-out Services. We also handle small demo jobs, property preservation, and even some local hauling. Local Weekly Trash Pick-up in Holden, Kingsville, and Pitsville plus parts of Centerview and Chilhowee.

Junk’Ems is a family business! My fiancé, Rebecca Willis, and daughter, Katelynn Wheat, are also part of the team! Our small and dedicated crew, are all family, blood relation or not.

Our company has successfully completed hundreds of jobs, kept a 5 out of 5 rating, and have met some pretty amazing people along the way. Who knew handling someone else’s junk could have so many perks?! At Junk’Ems we value our sense of community and family. Every job, no matter the size, is of great value to us, and we strive to deliver top notch customer service!

Junk’Ems was started as a dream of freedom, and a legacy for generations to come. To be able to bring back older traditions, where a family would succeed together. Where a father could teach his son a trade as he grew older. Teaching a gold standard to our family and crew that has long been forgotten, and being able to provide an amazing service to every customer we meet.

Junk’Ems is here to make your trash needs a priority!


We're your local, rural trash company dedicated to
eco-friendly solutions for a clean home or business.